Business & Commercial Litigation

Costell & Adelson has substantial expertise in virtually all areas of business and commercial litigation for a wide variety of clients.  Collectively, the Firm’s lawyers have extensive experience conducting trials and appeals in the federal and state courts, including in the 9th Circuit and the California and United States Supreme Court, as well as in administrative and regulatory agency proceedings.

The Firm’s litigation clients include businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals engaged in business in a very wide range of industries, including real estate development, investment and finance, start ups, financial services, investment banking, entertainment, information technology, service businesses, asset and property management, retail and wholesale sales and manufacturing.  Lawsuits in these industries often involve a very broad range of issues, including contracts, employment issues, landlord-tenant, constitutional law, antitrust and unfair competition, product liability, mergers and acquisitions, advertising, negotiable instruments, sales, real and personal property security and personal and business torts.

The Firm works with its clients to develop a common sense and effective litigation plan that will garner the best results in the most efficient manner.  The Firm works closely with its clients to determine goals and expectations, litigation strategy and the elements of risk and reward as well as to determine how to best manage the risks, costs and expenses.

As often as can be achieved, the Firm helps its clients avoid or minimize expensive and time-consuming court actions, through settlements and alternative dispute resolution vehicles, such as mediation and/or arbitration.  Along with providing litigation services after a problem arises, the Firm regularly counsels clients, before a problem arises, on ways to minimize potential liability exposure or to obtain the largest and most expeditious recovery, both in a cost-efficient manner.

Litigation often brings out the worst in people and we understand the stress it causes.  We endeavor to minimize and manage that stress by making sure to give our best at all times and to exhibit compassion and understanding towards our clients through the stressful times.



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